Lyra is a minor character in the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime. She is a young woman who possesses powerful alchemic abilities and wishes to become a State Alchemist in service to Amestris.

Japanese Voice: Yumi Kakazu

English Voice: Monica Rial


Lyra first appears in the episode "Be Thou for the People", serving as Yoki's bodyguard and enforcer. She aspires to become a State Alchemist and serve her country, though Yoki has her doing his dirty work harassing the people of Youswell when they fail to pay the extortionate taxes that Yoki has put in place. When Edward Elric stands up for the townspeople and swindles Yoki out of the deed to Youswell's mines, Lyra confronts him, using her necklace as an alchemic weapon that launches condensed air as an explosive projectile. Edward defeats Lyra by cutting off her necklace and smashing it, leaving her and Yoki defenceless. She then leaves Youswell and Edward does not see her again until three years later.

When Lyra next appears in the episode "Dante of the Deep Forest", she has been employed as a maid by the master alchemist and pharmacist Dante. She apologizes to Edward and Alphonse for her actions when they last met and tells them that they were the reason for her kinder change of heart and outlook on life. Edward comments that she has done a 180 when she expresses her admiration of them.



Lyra dies in the episode "Theory of Avarice", though her death is not revealed until much later. Unknown to the Elrics or anyone else, Dante is the master of the Homunculi and has prolonged her life for centuries by sowing conflict in order to create Philosopher's Stones. With the Stones, she has transferred her consciousness into the bodies of other people, trapping her victim's mind in her previous body and murdering them. She does the same to Lyra, though this act is never shown on-screen. After Lyra's mind has been placed in Dante's elderly body, Dante's first act in Lyra's body is to eliminate the witness. When Greed later arrives at Dante's mansion after escaping from the Devil's Nest, he finds Dante's body on the floor, cleaved in half, unaware that his creator his still alive within her maid's body.