Luciano Bradley
Luciano Bradley is a minor character from Code Geass R2. He is a member of the Britannian Empire's elite royal guard, the Knights of the Round, and a master Knightmare pilot. His excellent combat prowess, coupled with his sadistic bloodlust, have earned him the nickname "Vampire of Britannia".

Japanese Voice: Atsushi Kisaichi

English Voice: Vic Mignogna


Luciano took part in the Second Battle for Tokyo in the episode "Final Battle Tokyo II", pilotting his personal Knightmare, the Percival. He destroyed many of the Black Knights during the battle, but would meet his end when he fought against Kallen Kouzuki and her machine, the Guren SEITEN. The SEITEN grappled the Percival and used its Radiant Wave Surger at point-blank range, boiling the Percival and Luciano and blowing them both up.

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