Lord Profion (portrayed by Jeremy Irons) is the main antagonist of Dungeons & Dragons. A leading member of the Mages Council that govern the empire of Izmir, he plots against Empress Savina who intends to abolish the unfair caste system imposed by the Council. In order to obtain full power for himself, Profion seeks out the legendary Rod of Savrille, a sceptre that grants whomever wields it the power to control red dragons.

Profion sends his lieutenant Damodar to find the map and the enchanted Dragon's Eye gemstone that are key to uncovering the Rod, but both the gem and map have fallen into the hands of the thief Ridley Freeborn. While Damodar pursues Ridley and his companions, Profion marshals the Mages to prepare for war against Empress Savina.


Profion acquires the Rod of Savrille and uses its power to manipulate a flight of red dragons to do his bidding, commanding them to attack the gold dragons being commanded by Savina. Ridley, having just defeated Damodar in battle, attacks Profion and manages to retake the Rod, commanding the red dragons to flee. Ridley then destroys the Rod with his elven sword, angering Profion who viciously attacks Ridley with his magic. Empress Savina then appears and Profion defiantly states that although he has lost the battle, the war will continue. The war doesn't continue, however, as one of Savina's golden dragons appears and eats Profion, ending his reign of terror.

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