Lawrence Appleton is a character from the horror-comedy film John Dies At The End. A detective from the Undisclosed Police Department, he is investigating the strange deaths surrounding the distribution of the ESP-inducing drug "soy sauce". He is portrayed by Glynn Turman.

Appleton takes David Wong in for questioning after a group of teenagers from a rave all die after taking the "soy sauce". Under guidance from his friend John who communicates with him via some sort of psychic link, David manages to flee from the station and heads for the trailer park where Bruce Matthews lives. Appleton later goes after him, knocking him unconscious inside Bruce's shack and dousing the shack with gasoline, intent on burning it down. David regains consciousness and escapes the burning shack thanks to Amy Sullivan's dog Bark Lee who somehow drives David's Humvee through the wall of the shack, allowing Dave to escape.

Later, when David, John, Amy and Fred Chu have been gathered up by "Shitload", Appleton follows them to the abandoned shopping mall. Shitload tries to force Amy to open the ghost door to Korrok's dimension, but Appleton shoots the host with a shotgun and then burns the body. It is presumably at this point that Appleton becomes infected with Korrok's parasites.

Appleton takes David and the others to his car, but as he drives off he complains about voices in his head. At that moment, his eyes expand and burst. The car crashes and overturns, followed by Appleton's head splitting open and releasing a swarm of white flies.

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