Larry Cotton is the father of Kirsty Cotton in Clive Barker's Hellraiser. He is portrayed by Andrew J. Robinson.


Larry and his wife Julia move into the house once owned by Larry's late mother. They find that Larry's brother Frank has been squatting there whilst laying low but no sign of Frank himself. Larry is unaware that Frank is dead.

While moving their belongings into the house, Larry accidentally cuts his hand on a protruding nail, spilling blood over the floor in the room that Frank had died in. Later, while Larry isn't present, Frank is partially resurrected thanks to Larry's blood. Julia discovers Frank and is coerced into helping her former lover heal by bringing men home so that Frank can restore himself by using their blood. All the while, Larry is kept blissfully unaware of the violent acts taking place within his own home.


Larry's death is never shown on-screen. After Kirsty discovers Frank and Julia's activities and runs away with the Lament Configuration, the murderous pair decide that they have to disappear. But before they can do that, Frank needs a new skin. Without much time left before the Cenobites come after him, Frank resorts to killing his own brother and taking Larry's skin as his own. The murder isn't shown on-screen but Kirsty later returns to the house to find her father's skinless body.

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