Yuriko Oyama, also known as Lady Deathstrike, is a Marvel supervillain and a recurring enemy of the X-Men, Wolverine in particular. In the comics, she is a cyborg mercenary whose father originally designed the process of bonding adamantium alloy to a human skeleton and wished to destroy Wolverine since he represented the theft of her father's work in her eyes. In the film X-Men 2, she is a brainwashed mutant puppet of Colonel William Stryker.

Deathstrike is portrayed by Kelly Hu in the film.


Little is known about the background of this version of Deathstrike. What is known is that at some point she was forcibly recruited by William Stryker, a military scientist devoted to the eradication of mutants. Though Yuriko was also a mutant, Stryker felt that she could serve his purposes as long as he could control her and used a mind-controlling serum extracted from his son Jason's brain to subdue Yuriko, turning her into an obedient slave. Yuriko also possessed the same healing factor power as Wolverine, so Stryker saw fit to bond adamantium to Yuriko's skeleton, making her stronger and near-invincible. As well as having her bones reinforced, Yuriko was also fitted with adamantium claws which extended from her fingers. Thus, Lady Deathstrike was born.

For an undetermined amount of time, Deathstrike served as Stryker's assistant and bodyguard, accompanying him almost everywhere. When the X-Men invaded Stryker's base at Alkali Lake, she was pitted against Wolverine in combat.


Deathstrike and Wolverine fought each other inside the laboratory where they both originally underwent the adamantium bonding process. The two possessed the exact same powers and abilities and it seemed neither had the advantage, but Wolverine was able to defeat Deathstrike by impaling her in the stomach with a pump filled with hot liquid adamantium. The liquid metal filled Yuriko's body and cooled rapidly. She fell back into the bonding tank and hit the bottom with a dull thud as the adamantium solidified.

Given that Deathstrike possesses the same level of rapid healing as Wolverine, it is entirely possible that she survived the battle. However, since the adamantium solidified inside her body, she may have been rendered completely immobile. This is merely speculation as she has made no appearance since X2.

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