Kyle MacRae (portrayed by William Hope) is the assistant to Dr. Channard in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. He is not nearly as twisted as his employer and he believes Kirsty Cotton's story regarding her father's murder may have some validity to it. He overhears Channard on the phone telling the police to bring the bloody mattress that Julia Cotton died upon to his house and then decides to break into Channard's home one night to find out what the doctor's up to.

Kyle finds that Channard has been researching the Lament Configuration and the mysteries of Hell and the Cenobites. After witnessing Julia's bloody resurrection from behind a curtain, he realises that Kirsty was telling the truth and decides to help her.


Kyle later breaks back into Dr. Channard's house along with Kirsty. Kyle checks out a room upstairs to find several corpses strung up from the beams, but is then approached by Julia, who by this point has her skin restored (except for a large patch on her back which Kyle doesn't see). Julia embraces Kyle in a seemingly motherly fashion, but then she digs her fingers into his neck and sucks the life out of him in order to complete her regeneration.

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