Korenna Mirell
Korenna Mirell is an elderly alien character that appears in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Remember". She was portrayed by Eve H. Brenner.

Korenna Mirell (later Jora Mirell) was an Enaran female whose lover was a Regressive, an Eneran minority group that reject modern technology. Her father Jareth, a military leader, disapproved of the relationship. Her lover Dathan Alaris told her that the Regressives were being killed, not resettled, and asked her to run away with him.

She confronted her father, who swayed her and convinced her that the resettlement was legitimate, and that Dathan did not love her but was using her to influence him. She betrayed Dathan and cheered when he and Fredick were executed. Later, when she was telling young Enarans about the Regressives, she stated that they were bad people who caused trouble. She said that they were resettled and given territory of their own, but that they killed each other off.

She later discovered that her father had lied. She felt guilty about letting the Regressives be "resettled" (i.e. killed), and transferred the memories of her experience to B'Elanna Torres shortly before she died so that the incident would not be forgotten. Torres then transferred the memories to another female Enaran, Jessen, to keep the memories alive.

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