Kippur tor

Kipper Tor (portrayed by Drew Powell) was a member of the Federation's 701st Mobile Infantry in the film Starship Troopers 2. He defined the spirit of a gung-ho soldier who likely will shoot first and sort out the carnage later. Admittedly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, which was likely why his squad leader, Sergeant Rake often assigned Private Brick to look after him. Since he knew he could get away with it, Brick often taunted Tor, calling him "Fat Head" or making other jokes about his weight. Tor enjoyed a good fight and often taunted his enemies, begging the Bugs to "come and get some of Tor!"

Death Edit

Like most of the members of his unit, Tor became infected by a Control Bug. Tech Sergeant Ari Peck tricked him into letting his guard down and knocked him out before implanting one of the mind-controlling parasites in his mouth.

Tor later assisted the infected General Shepherd in escaping from the outpost, stopping V.J. Dax and Lei Sahara from pursuing him. He and Brick attempted to shoot Dax, but Dax managed to grab their rifles and force the two infected soldiers to shoot each other.

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