Justin White (portrayed by Jonny Weston) is a minor character from the horror-comedy John Dies At The End. A punk Caucasian teenager who talks "gangsta", he is one of several youths involved in a party held by Bruce Matthews. Justin, along with the other party-goers, indulges in the strange drug known as "soy sauce" which grants its users psychic powers. Justin, however, does not gain the powers offered by the living narcotic and becomes an incubator for a colony of parasitic flies which are the spawn of the biological computer Korrok.

The possessed Justin, now calling himself "Shitload", takes David Wong and his friends captive in order to open the ghost door to Korrok's dimension. However, Detective Lawrence Appleton follows him to the abandoned mall and ambushes Shitload when he looks outside. Appleton shoots Shitload with a shotgun, incapacitating him but not killing him. While Shitload is down on the ground, Appleton pours gasoline on him and then sets him on fire. Although Appleton kills Shitload, some of the parasites escape from Justin's body and infect Appleton.

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