John Wraith Live
John Wraith, also known by the codename Kestrel, is a character from Marvel Comics. A former member of the Weapon X program alongside Wolverine, he would use his mutant power of phase-jumping to swiftly carry out assassinations. He appears in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by


John Wraith was a member of Team X led by William Stryker. He remained with Team X until Logan quit.

Several years later, Wraith tried to get Fred Dukes (now out of shape due to an eating disorder) back into shape through boxing matches. This led Logan to fight Dukes. After beating him, Logan asked about "the Island" and was told to find a guy named Remy LeBeau (Gambit), who was once held prisoner there. Wraith accompanied Logan to New Orleans to find Gambit. He covered the exits at the casino, but saw Sabretooth and chased him down an alleyway, where he fought him.


During their fight, Sabretooth remarked that Wraith had become predictable. As Wraith teleported behind him, Sabretooth turned and Wraith suddenly found himself rematerialising with his foe's arm inside him. Sabretooth grasped Wraith's spine and broke it, then took Wraith's blood to add his DNA to Stryker's Weapon XI project.

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