Joe Griff (portrayed by Ed Quinn) is an antagonistic character in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation. A Corporal in the 701st Mobile Infantry, his entire unit was wiped out during the Battle of Zulu Alpha, save for Ari Peck, Charlie Soda and himself. The three soldiers accompanied General Jack Shepherd to Hotel Delta 1-8-5 where the survivors of Bravo Six had hunkered down. Little did the General know was that Griff, Peck and Soda were all infected with Control Bugs.

During the Bugs' infiltration, Griff along with the other infected troopers began to further infect the garrison of the outpost. He personally infected Private Sandee, and later helped Peck infect Private Tor. Griff also helped Peck infect Privates Brick and Otter. During the final battle with Dax, Griff was killed, when a Warrior Bug accidentally pierced his head.

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