Jim 28dayslater
Jim (portrayed by Cillian Murphy) is the main protagonist of Danny Boyle's horror film 28 Days Later. A former bicycle courier from London, he was caught in an accident on the road and was rendered comatose. During the 28 days he was hospitalized, the man-made Rage Virus swept across Britain, turning most of the country's population into rabid monsters. When Jim awoke, he found London desolate and deserted, until he happened upon the Infected inside a church. Fleeing for his life, Jim was rescued by Selena who informed him what had happened to the country, and together they struggled to survive in a plague-ridden country cut off from the rest of the world.


28 Days Later - Alternative Ending04:26

28 Days Later - Alternative Ending

In the cinematic release of 28 Days Later, Jim survives throughout the whole film. However, an alternative ending was included in the special edition DVD release of the film where Jim suffers a much more tragic end. Near the end of the film, after he, Selena and Hannah escape from Worsley House, the group try to flee the area in Frank's taxi. Major West is waiting for them, however, and he shoots Jim when he opens the cab door as vengeance for Jim's part in the death of the Major's men. Hannah gets behind the wheel of the cab and reverses it into the infected soldier Mailer who smashes through the rear window and drags West out before mauling him to death. Selena and Hannah drive Jim to a hospital and attempt to revive him, but they are unsuccessful. The distraught girls then leave Jim's body on the hospital guerney and move on.

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