Jill Sandee (portrayed by Sandrine Holt) is a supporting character in Starship Troopers 2. She was a member of the Federation infantry unit Bravo Six under the command of Dede Rake who took cover in the abandoned outpost of Hotel Delta 1-8-5 when their battle against the Arachnid hordes on Zulu Alpha went badly.

Following the arrival of General Jack Shepherd and three unknown soldiers, Sandee became infected by Control Bugs being carried by the new arrivals. Under the Bug's influence, Sandee became crazed and hysterical, often breaking out into fits of deranged laughter and taking sadistic pleasure as she and the other infected soldiers hunted down those who had yet to be infected.

Death Edit

Late in the film, V.J. Dax and Lei Sahara were the only survivors left in the outpost and attempted to stop the infected General Shepherd from boarding an inbound retrieval ship. The infected Sandee blocked their path, standing in a corridor with her back turned to them while she sang a disturbing nursery rhyme. She then turned around brandishing two grenades, but Dax pushed her away just before the grenades went off.

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