Baines (Son of Mine)
Jeremy Baines was a student at Farringham School for Boys in the Doctor Who episodes "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood". He was portrayed by Harry Lloyd.


Jeremy was a self-centered and arrogant bully who looked down upon the younger students. One night, he snuck out of the school to grab a hidden stash of beer from Cooper's Field where he happened upon a cloaked alien ship. Finding his way inside, Jeremy was greeted by the Family of Blood and possessed by Son of Mine. From that moment on, Jeremy Baines essentially ceased to be.

Son of Mine and the rest of the Family terrorized Farringham School, murdering several people and threatening to destroy the whole of England if The Doctor did not surrender himself to them. The Family wanted the Doctor as they believed that controlling a Time Lord would grant them immortality, and their natural lifespan was a mere three months. The Doctor thwarted the Family's plans, yet gave them the immortality they craved, though not in the way they had imagined.


Son of Mine, through unknown means, was rendered prone and motionless, a prisoner of his own conscious mind. The Doctor had Son strung up as a scarecrow, putting a burlap sack over his head and leaving him in a field where he would remain forever.

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