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Jabe is an alien character who appears in the Doctor Who episode "The End of the World". She is an anthropomorphic tree whose ancestors originated from Earth, and so she attends the Earth Death event on Platform One to show her respect. She is portrayed by Yasmin Bannerman.


Representing the Forest of Cheem, Jabe and her aides Coffa and Lute attend the Earth Death ceremony on Platform One. She meets with The Doctor as the attendees exchange gifts of peace and offers him a cutting of her grandfather in a small pot of soil. The Doctor, in turn, offers air from his lungs and breathes in Jabe's face, something that the humanoid tree thinks of as intimate.

When the security and environmental systems aboard Platform One start failing, the Doctor investigates and Jabe assists him. Together, they discover that Lady Cassandra is responsible for the sabotage of the station and attempt to thwart her scheme by manually resetting the environmental controls.


Jabe and the Doctor enter a hallway filled with giant fans that the Doctor must cross to reach the reset switch. Jabe assists by holding down a switch to slow the fans, but this results in the temperature skyrocketing. Being made of wood, Jabe cannot stand the intense dry heat and she combusts, bursting into flames. The Doctor succeeds in reaching the reset switch thanks to Jabe and later returns her ashes to her companions.

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