J.P. Monroe is a minor antagonist from Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth. A wealthy young man with a fascination for dark abstract art, he acquires a twisted statue which the Cenobite Pinhead has been imprisoned in.

Monroe is portrayed by Kevin Bernhardt.


Monroe is the owner of a nightclub called the Boiler Room and has decorated the club with a number of disturbing abstract art pieces that represent pain and torment. His fascination with these works leads him to discover the Pillar of Souls, a statue that appears as a twisted combination of tortured figures fused together. Monroe purchases the Pillar from a private gallery and puts it on display in his club, only for a part of the statue to be broken off and stolen by a former girlfriend, Terri. The missing piece of the statue is in fact the Lament Configuration puzzle box.

Monroe later moves the Pillar to his private room and discovers that it is alive after it devours a girl he recently slept with. Pinhead awakens and addresses Monroe, convincing him to bring the Cenobite more victims so that he can be free from the statue and promising him power and dominion over the world. Intrigued by Pinhead's offer, Monroe agrees.

Death and transformationEdit

Monroe dead

Monroe's death...


...and the thing that follows

Monroe contacts his ex-girlfriend Terri who is bunking with ambitious reporter Joey Summerskill. He persuades her to come down to his club so that the two can talk things through, but in reality J.P. is planning to feed Terri to Pinhead. Terri witnesses Pinhead come to life and Monroe tries to drag her close to the statue, but Terri beats Monroe down with a knuckle-duster and tries to run. Pinhead, reading Terri's thoughts, persuades the girl to stay by promising to grant her desire to dream, something that Terri has never done. To achieve this, Terri offers up Monroe to Pinhead. A piston-like device emerges from the Pillar and impales Monroe through the head, killing him and allowing Pinhead to be free from the statue.

Later, as Pinhead and his new Cenobite army pursue Joey through the streets, Joey arrives at a construction site where she is cornered by two more demons. One of them is Monroe, now dubbed Pistonhead due to the pistons pumping through his skull. Pistonhead and the other Cenobites are banished to Hell when Joey solves the Lament Configuration.

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