Robocop2 03 hob1

Hob as seen through Robocop's eyes

Hob is one of the followers of the fanatical drug lord Cain in Robocop 2. He is cunning, ruthless and devious; but what's really disturbing about him is that he's just a twelve year-old kid. He is portrayed by Gabriel Damon.


One can only imagine how Hob turned out to be such a loathesome excuse for a human being. Nothing is known about his family or even how he came to be a member of the Nuke cult, but despite his youth he is a formidable fighter and even a crafty businessman. He is shown to be quite skilled at wielding various firearms, including a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum and a folding UC-M21 submachine gun. He seems to be Cain's right-hand man, commanding respect and loyalty from all the other cult members even though they are all much older than he is. Unlike the other gang members, Hob seems to be the only one smart enough not to indulge in Cain's designer drug Nuke. Even though he is a vicious hoodlum, he seems to still possess some deeply-buried humanity, as evidenced when he tried to look away as Officer Duffy was eviscerated by a back-alley surgeon. However, Cain forced Hob to watch.


After Cain was captured and supposedly killed by Robocop, Hob took over as head of the Nuke cult. He arranged a meeting with Detroit mayor Kuzak, offering to provide the money for the city to pay off its debt to OCP in exchange for legalizing Nuke. The deal was interrupted by OCP's new Robocop 2 cyborg, which had been implanted with the brain of Cain. Cain murdered all of Hob's goons and Mayor Kuzak's bodyguards and Hob tried to hide inside his armoured truck amongst a heap of cash and gold bars. Cain fired his minigun through the truck's armour, however, and struck Hob.

Robocop later arrived at the warehouse where the deal had taken place and found Hob in the back of the truck, still alive but quickly slipping away. Hob told Robocop that it was Cain who was responsible, having seen Cain's face on Robocop 2's head monitor just before he killed Angie. Robocop tried to call for medical assistance, but the wounded, frightened Hob asked him not to leave. He knew he was going to die and he thought it sucked, which Robocop, having experienced death himself, agreed with. Hob then succumbed to his wounds and died.

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