This article contains details of the minor characters that die in Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

  • The film begins with a brief recap of the events at the end of the first Hellraiser film.
  • Following the recap, we are shown the origins of the lead Cenobite Pinhead.
  • A policeman is investigating the Cotton residence after that fateful night and finds a maggot-ridden corpse inside a wicker chest.
  • A withered corpse falls out of a wardrobe and startles the officer, who reacts by shooting the body several times, obliterating its head.
  • Mr. Browning - One of Dr. Channard's critical patients, played by Oliver Smith. The unfortunate schizophrenic envisions seeing his body crawling with maggots. Channard uses him in a private experiment at his home and gives him a straight razor, allowing Browning to cut himself in order to "get them off of him". Browning bleeds onto the mattress that Julia Cotton died on, which allows her to come back from Hell. The skinless Julia embraces Browning and sucks the life out of him.
  • Dr. Channard helps to heal Julia by kidnapping several people, likely patients from his hospital, and bringing them home for Julia to feed on. After killing about 8 people, Julia is fully restored.
  • When Dr. Channard sees Leviathan, he experiences flashes of his earlier life and how he conducted gruesome experiments on animals and people.
  • After apparently escaping Hell, Kirsty and Tiffany return to the Channard Institute. However, they find that Hell has followed them back as they see several patients tinkering with Dr. Channard's replicas of the Lament Configuration, with chains erupting from the boxes and pulling at the skin of the patients' faces.
  • Dr. Channard, now transformed into a Cenobite, bursts into the ward and uses his new demonic powers to start dismembering his patients.
  • Tiffany and Kirsty return to the Labyrinth and retrieve the Lament Configuration. When standing before Leviathan, Tiffany witnesses a flashback of when her mother first took her to Dr. Channard for help. As it turns out, Channard murdered her so he could keep Tiffany for his experiments.
  • Two repo men are clearing out boxes from the Cotton residence when one of them finds Julia's mattress, still covered in gore and chains. A skinless arm emerges from the mattress and the repo man appears to be pulled halfway into it.

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