This article lists the various minor character deaths that occur in Clive Barker's Hellraiser.

  • Julia Cotton brings a man home supposedly for sex, but her real intention is to murder him and feed his body to Frank, allowing him to heal his undead form. Julia lures the man into the room where Frank is hiding and locks them inside, then proceeds to beat the man to death with a hammer. Behind a closed door, Frank ravages the corpse in order to regenerate his own flesh.
  • A strange vagrant walks into the pet shop where Kirsty works and grasps a handful of live crickets from the live feed box and eats them.
  • Julia brings another man home and bashes his head in with a hammer, leaving Frank to feed on the body.
  • Larry goes upstairs to investigate a strange thumping noise but finds the rooms to be empty. What he doesn't see in the shadows is that Frank has nailed two rats to the wall.
  • Frank watches Larry and Julia about to get intimate in their bed and he silently walks over. Larry's back is turned to Frank but Julia sees him preparing to kill Larry with a switchblade. Frank holds a rat in his hand and uses his switchblade to skin the rodent alive while Julia watches.
  • Julia brings a third man home and tries to kill him with the hammer, but Frank reveals himself early and grabs the unfortunate victim. He sends Julia out of the room while he feeds, digging his fingers into the man's neck and absorbing his blood and flesh, but stops prematurely when interrupted by Kirsty.

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