Helen Holloway (portrayed by Nicky Guadagni) is a character from the first Cube film. A doctor and a conspiracy theorist, she is convinced that the Cube was built by the government. As the Cube subjects work together to find a way out, Holloway assists the mentally challenged Kazan and tries to reassure him and keep him calm throughout the ordeal.

When the group head toward the Cube's edge, a confrontation sparks between Holloway and the aggressive Quentin after the latter lashes out at Kazan for inadvertantly setting off a sound-activated trap which nearly kills Quentin. When the group reach a safe room at the Cube's edge, Holloway investigates the span of the gap between the edge and the outer shell of the complex, using a rope made from the group's clothes. The Cube suddenly vibrates and Holloway is caught by Quentin before plummeting out of the Cube to her death. At that point, the malicious Quentin gives in to his violent urges and lets go of Holloway, letting her fall. Quentin tells the others that Holloway slipped, but they are not entirely convinced.

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