Harry Ellis is a sleazy, incompetent employee of the Nakatomi Corporation in Die Hard. A sexist, arrogant coke snorter, he attempted to make a move on John McClane's wife Holly. He is among the group of employees taken hostage by Hans Gruber and his group.

Ellis is portrayed by Hart Bochner.


Ellis attempted to negotiate with Hans by telling him John McClane's identity, claiming that the two were old friends. He was given a radio and he cheerfully told McClane to stop messing with Gruber's operation so as not to endanger the hostages, though his only real concern was his own safety. McClane told Hans that he and Ellis hadn't met before that night and warns Ellis that he has no idea what kind of people he's dealing with. Ellis tries to talk to John again but John doesn't respond, prompting Hans to shoot Ellis through the head. The fatal shot isn't seen on-screen, only heard over John's walkie-talkie.

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