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Haley (portrayed by Alexa Nikolas) is a minor character from The Walking Dead. First appearing in the third season episode "Hounded", she was a resident of the town of Woodbury, contributing to the community's survival by acting as a guard on one of the perimeter walls. When Andrea Harrison arrived in Woodbury and offered to assist with protecting the town, Haley was appointed by the Governor to instruct her on the wall. Haley proved to be an inferior teacher as she tried demonstrating her marksmanship with a compound bow and failed miserably to kill a single walker, which Andrea dispatched by jumping down from the wall and stabbing it.


In the episode "The Suicide King", Haley is killed in a shootout with Rick Grimes and his friends when they rescue Glenn and Maggie from the Governor. Maggie shoots Haley in the chest.

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