Greg Glenn is a minor character in the CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration. He is a member of the Special Response Team sent to investigate the bioterror attack at Harvardville Airport.

English Voice: Steve Blum

Japanese Voice: Masanori Takeda


Greg and his partner Angela Miller accompany Leon Kennedy inside the airport to find US senator Ron Davis and any other survivors. Greg is not convinced of Leon's tactical expertise on the mission and during the operation he ignores the agent's warnings and insights, approaching the situation with an ignorant, gung-ho attitude. This behaviour almost costs him his life as he is attacked by a zombie he believed he had killed, but Leon manages to save him by shooting the zombie before it bites him.


After finding the survivors, Greg is bitten by a hidden zombie while attempting to escape. He shoots the zombie with his pistol, but then volunteers to stay behind and hold the horde off. As the others continue to escape, he fires into the approaching crowd.

A short time later, his zombified body is seen stumbling toward the survivors amongst the ranks of the undead. He is later killed by the U.S. Marine Corps when they perform a cleanup operation in the airport.

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