General Asquith was a minor character who appeared in the Doctor Who episode "Aliens of London". He was the Chief of the Defence Staff, the most senior military officer in Great Britain at the time of the Slitheen alien landing in 2006. He was portrayed by Rupert Vansittart.


Summoned to Albion Hospital, Asquith was shocked by the pig-like creature recovered from the crashed spaceship that landed in the Thames. When Dr. Sato pulled back the comatose creature's sheet, he asked if she was sure it wasn't "a hoax or a dummy". She responded that the brain was wired like nothing she had ever seen before. Asquith went to 10 Downing Street to brief the Acting Prime Minister, Joseph Green inside the Cabinet Room. Asquith, appalled at Green's leadership, threatened to remove Green and put the United Kingdom under martial law. Green and his colleagues, Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles, revealed themselves as Slitheen in disguise and killed General Asquith. The Slitheen who had used the skin of Oliver Charles switched to Asquith. As Asquith, the Slitheen had control of the British military.

Harriet Jones, an MP who was hiding in a cupboard in the Cabinet Room, witnessed Asquith's death and told Rose Tyler about it. The Slitheen impersonating Asquith was killed when a missile destroyed Number 10.

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