Gabriel Sneed was a character who appeared in the Doctor Who episode "The Unquiet Dead". He was an undertaker in Victorian Cardiff who owned the mortuary Sneed and Company. He was played by Alan David.

Sneed believed his house was haunted, since the corpses refused to stay dead. He and Gwyneth went to Cardiff to find Mrs Peace, whose corpse was possessed by a Gelth. They retrieved her and captured Rose Tyler, who had seen them taking Mrs Peace into their hearse, and took them to Sneed and Company.

The Ninth Doctor and Charles Dickens followed and they soon learned what was going on. Sneed and the others performed a séance. The Gelth told them they were trapped behind the Rift and had become creatures of gas. In the morgue, Sneed was killed and possessed by the Gelth, who wished to take over all of humanity's bodies.

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