Mr. Fulton Balcus
Fulton Balcus is the main villain of the 1991 live-action Guyver film. He is the chairman of the Los Angeles branch of the Chronos Corporation, an insidious organisation conducting genetic experiments on human beings to create biological weapons called Zoanoids, all for the purpose of world domination. Balcus is portrayed by David Gale.


Fulton Balcus is loosely based on Dr. Hamilcar Barcas, a major antagonist of the Japanese Guyver comic and anime series. The difference in characters is quite significant: Fulton is not as old as his manga counterpart and does not appear to possess nearly the level of psychic ability. However, he does transform into a monstrous Zoalord form, something Dr. Barcas has yet to do in the manga.


When the Guyver Unit is stolen from Chronos' LA branch, Balcus commands his subordinate Lisker to get it back. He becomes enraged when Lisker fails to find the unit and threatens him with his psychic abilities, telling him he will make Lisker slap himself to death if he fails again.

Much later on, Lisker and his gang of Zoanoids kill Sean Barker, host of the Guyver, and kidnap his girlfriend Mizky Segawa and CIA agent Max Reed. Balcus has Reed sent in for Zoanoid optimization and questions Mizky regarding the Guyver. Much to Balcus' shock and amazement, the Guyver's control medal which had been recovered by Lisker regenerates Sean's body. As the Guyver, Sean kills Balcus' mutant flunkies and saves Mizky, but unfortunately Max dies when he is released from his optimization too early.


Zoalord Fulton Balcus

Balcus as the Zoalord

With his minions slain, Balcus takes it upon himself to defeat the Guyver and transforms into his true form: the Zoalord. His massive mutant form appears to be a mixture of spider and dinosaur and he uses his great size and strength to pummel Sean. Just as he has Sean pinned, the Guyver's chestplate opens and fires the Mega-Smasher, a super-powerful energy blast that obliterates Balcus completely.

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