Frank (portrayed by Brendan Gleeson) is one of the four main characters of 28 Days Later. A former London taxi driver and a loving father, he and his teenage daughter Hannah remain sheltered in their London flat during the Rage Virus epidemic, surviving after city services shut down by collecting rainwater to drink and barricading the lobby of their apartment building with shopping trolleys. They also set up some battery-powered Christmas lights to use as a signal for any other survivors.

A month following the outbreak, Frank and Hannah are visited by Jim and Selena who are running from a pair of Infected. Frank helps fend off the Infected with police riot gear and welcomes the two survivors into his home. The following morning, Frank and Jim decided that they could not stay at the apartment building for much longer as water sources were dwindling due to lack of rainfall and also the tendency for sound to carry in the confined apartment block, Frank decided to follow a recorded radio message from the British Army, which he picked up on a hand-crank radio; the message stating that the military had salvation for survivors and "the answer to Infection" at the Forty-Second Blockade on the M602, northeast of Manchester. Upon hearing this message, the group agreed to leave London and seek out the source of the message. They packed up Frank's black taxi cab and journeyed across the country.


5) Movie CLIP - Blood From a Bird (2002) HD

5) Movie CLIP - Blood From a Bird (2002) HD

When the group arrive at the Forty-Second Blockade, they find the area abandoned and the city of Manchester burning. Frank becomes frustrated and loses his temper, becoming further irritated by a crow feeding on an Infected corpse lying across the top of a guard shack. Frank yells at the bird and scares it away, but inadvertently causes a drop of blood from the corpse to fall directly into his eye, thereby infecting him with the Rage virus. Knowing he only has seconds left, Frank apologises to Hannah for losing his temper and reassures her that he loves her very much before warning her to stay away from him. He begins to spasm violently as the virus takes over, then he turns to attack Jim. Jim is prepared to kill Frank, but Frank is then suddenly gunned down by the soldiers remaining at the blockade.