Foon Van Hoff was a supporting character in the Doctor Who 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned". She was portrayed by Debbie Chazen.

Foon and her husband Morvin had won two tickets for the luxury Titanic cruise offered by Max Capricorn Starlines. However, Foon would later admit that she had called the competition line 5000 times, amounting to a phone bill of 5000 credits which would have been enough to buy the tickets.

During the cruise, Foon and Morvin befriended the Doctor who had stowed away aboard the ship. After the Titanic was struck by asteroids, the Doctor helped the Van Hoffs to survive as the ship's Heavenly Host robots started killing off the passengers and crew.


The Doctor and the other survivors attempted to cross over a chasm that went all the way down to the Titanic's nuclear storm drive core. Morvin lost his footing on a loose metal plate and fell to his death, which left Foon devastated. Unable to take the loss of her husband, Foon committed suicide and fell into the chasm, taking an attacking Host with her.

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