Sycorax close up
Fadros Pallujikaa (credited only as Sycorax Leader) was the leader of a tribe of Sycorax who appeared in the Doctor Who 2005 Christmas special "The Christmas Invasion". He was portrayed by Sean Gilder.


In 2006, Fadros led his tribe's asteroid ship into Earth's airspace above London, specifically Powell Estate. He demanded the surrender of Earth's governments, intent on selling the population into slavery, and used a blood control matrix to seize control of every human with A+ blood, threatening to urge them to commit mass suicide. Prime Minister Harriet Jones and her staff were brought aboard the Sycorax ship and they attempted to negotiate, but Fadros simply killed Daniel Llewellyn and Major Blake in cold blood.

The Sycorax had also teleported the TARDIS aboard their ship and gave Rose Tyler the opportunity to speak on behalf of her race. Rose tried to convince Fadros that she had the authority to force the Sycorax to leave, but Fadros saw through her poor subterfuge and was prepared to kill her when the Doctor - freshly rejuvenated following his strained regeneration - emerged from the TARDIS and issued a challenge to the Sycorax leader, a one-on-one duel for the fate of the Earth.


Fadros duelled with the newly-regenerated Doctor and cut off his hand which, owing to the after-effects of regeneration, grew back. This allowed the Doctor to defeat him. When the Doctor's back was turned, the leader tried again to kill him again but the Doctor used a satsuma from his borrowed dressing gown to hit a button which sent the leader falling to his death. The Doctor justified his action by stating, "No second chances. I'm that sort of man."

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