Elani is a member of the Drayan race and appears in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Innocence". She is portrayed by Sarah Rayne.

Though she appears to be a child, Elani is actually elderly. Her race's aging process is the reverse of the human aging cycle, so Drayans reaching the end of their lives reach a state of physical and mental immaturity.

In accordance with Drayan funerary customs, Elani, Tressa and Corin were delivered to one of the moons of Drayan II where they would expire. Their journey did not go as planned as the shuttle transporting them crashed and they were left alone until they encountered Voyager crew member Tuvok, who had also crashed on the moon. Tuvok did his best to protect the frightened children, but in the middle of the night, Corin and Elani were drawn towards a cave which was regarded as the Drayans' cradle of life. It was here that they expired and when Tuvok went looking for them, he found only their clothes inside the cave with no trace of any bodies.

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