Ed Peletier is a minor antagonist from the first season of The Walking Dead. He is portrayed by Adam Minarovich.


Ed was married to Carol and the two had a daughter called Sophia. However, Ed proved to be an uncaring parent and an abusive husband, dominating Carol with near constant verbal abuse and often with physical assault as well.

As the zombie apocalypse occurred, the Peletiers were among a mass evacuation heading towards a safe-zone in Atlanta. It was around this time that they met Shane Walsh and Lori Grimes and soon thereafter formed their band of survivors camping out on the nearby mountain.

During his time in the camp, Ed proved to be lazy and antisocial. He occasionally broke the rules for his own comfort and tried to do as little as possible in terms of work, forcing Carol to clean up after him and the others.

In the third episode "Tell It To The Frogs", Ed approaches Carol, Andrea and Jacqui who are doing laundry by the pond and chatting and laughing together. He ordered them to be quiet and get on with their work, prompting Andrea to get defensive and warn him to back off. Ed responded with hostility and as Carol stepped between them, he slapped her across the face. This incurred the wrath of Shane who marched over to him and beat him to the ground, repeatedly punching him in the face. He warned Ed that if he ever raised a hand to Carol or his daughter again, he would beat him to death.


In the fourth episode "Vatos", Ed rests in his tent while the others enjoy a fish fry. He is disturbed by someone else rustling the tent, and when he gets up he finds a zombie outside. The zombie pushes Ed down and bites into his neck, killing him. At least two other zombies attempt to get inside the tent and feast on him as well.

In the following episode "Wildfire", after the zombies in the camp have all been dealt with, the victims of the attack are all pick-axed in the head to prevent them from reanimating. Carol is given the honours of disposing of Ed, smashing open his skull as she vents out all the years of torment Ed inflicted upon her.

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