This article details all the background character deaths that occur in the Dungeons & Dragons film.

  • Lord Profion has created a magical sceptre that will allow him to control golden dragons. He tests his new device upon a dragon he keeps locked up, but it fails and the dragon almost escapes. Profion's followers bring down a gate upon the dragon, crushing its neck and killing it.
  • Vildan Vildir - The head librarian of the Magic School, portrayed by Edward Jewesbury. He is murdered by Profion's henchman Damodar, who snaps the old man's neck.
  • Ridley successfully obtains the Eye of the Dragon after braving Xilus' deadly maze, but Xilus threatens to have Ridley killed if he doesn't give up his prize. However, Damodar appears along with a brigade of soldiers who kill Xilus' henchmen with poison darts.
  • Ridley rescues Marina from Damodar's camp  but several guards try to stop them. One of the guards is felled by Ridley's sword in the ensuing fight.
  • Civil war erupts as the Empress sends out a flight of gold dragons to attack the Mages' Council. Profion commands his sentries to launch harpoons to bring down the dragons. A dragon is struck by a harpoon and falls from the sky and upon a building, becoming impaled on the building's spire.
  • Damodar's men capture Ridley's friends, but Norda escapes their clutches by stabbing a pair of guards holding her using two hidden knives.
  • Norda flips over two more soldiers and stabs them both in the back.
  • The Empress leads the assault on the Mages' Tower and her dragons loose a volley of fireballs upon the structure, resulting in numerous Mages being killed.

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