Dr. Reyga was a Ferengi scientist who appeared in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Suspicions". He was portrayed by Peter Slutsker.

Reyga had invented a device that was capable of generating a metaphasic shield that could allow a starship to fly into a star's corona and survive. He and several other scientists visited the Enterprise-D in order to conduct tests on the metaphasic device, but the test seemed to fail and appeared to result in the death of Jo'Bril, one of the attending scientists. This incident led to the other scientists dismissing Reyga's theories and the functionality of his device, but Reyga was certain that the machine was flawless.

Shortly thereafter, Reyga was found dead in an Enterprise-D science lab, the victim of a plasma surge in an apparent suicide. However, it had been Jo'Bril who had killed Reyga in order to make it appear that he could not accept the failure of his shielding and further discourage others from pursuing the technology. Dr. Crusher performed an autopsy on Reyga's body despite his family's forbidding it in accordance with Ferengi death rituals. The autopsy did not prove helpful in solving the case of Reyga's murder but Crusher discovered Jo'Bril's involvement shortly thereafter.

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