How are we going to set an example to them if we behave barbarically ourselves?

Dr. Logan is a supporting character in George Romero's Day of the Dead. He is played by Richard Liberty.

Dispassionately referred to as Frankenstein by the vast majority of residents in the bunker, Logan is the head of the team of scientists trying to find a cure for the zombie epidemic pushing humanity to the brink of extinction, and frequently gets too wrapped up in his work. However, he is mostly preoccupied with trying to understand the zombies' physiology and has gone through too many specimens in this process, endangering the survivors who have to lure in and capture the monsters. When he is introduced, his experiments are already taking a more gruesome turn, since he has murdered the bunker's military leader, Major Cooper, for his experiments. Unable to find a cure, he hits upon the idea of rehabilitation, trying to teach the zombies to be civilised with the promise of a reward, which to his eyes is much like raising children.

The only specimen who really responds well to this treatment is a zombie who Logan dubs 'Bub' after a nickname his father had. He continues the experiments with Bub for some time, but is steadily becoming more and more unhinged, as evidenced by a tape recording of him believing he is talking to his parents over the howls of another zombie. His end comes when the vicious Captain Rhodes discovers one further element of Logan's experiments: Chopping up the recently deceased so Bub may be rewarded for his good behaviour, and reanimating the head of one. Rhodes immediately shoots Logan to death before going on something of a rampage, and Logan's mangled body is later found by Bub who has broken free of his restraints.

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