Isabel "Dizzy" Flores was a major character from the sci-fi war film Starship Troopers. She enjoys a close friendship with film protagonist Johnny Rico and is quick to sign up with the Mobile Infantry when Rico does so. Dizzy is portrayed by Dina Meyer.


Dizzy was a classmate and close friend of Johnny Rico the captain of her high school's Jump Ball team. She had a long-standing crush on Rico and was deeply jealous of Rico's girlfriend Carmen Ibanez. This jealousy would later turn to resentment when Carmen broke up with Rico in order to pursue a career in the Federation Fleet.

Motivated by her feelings for Rico, Dizzy followed him to the Federation Military Academy and enlisted. While this annoyed Rico, she helped him achieve the position of squad leader. She would remain a member of the Wildcats squad and later the Roughnecks as the Federation launched its campaign against the Arachnids.


Following a successful operation on Tango Urilla, Dizzy and Rico get together at long last. Their relationship doesn't last, however, as Dizzy is killed in action the next day. While trying to defend Whiskey Outpost on Planet P, the Roughnecks are overrun by a massive Arachnid horde and Dizzy is repeatedly stabbed from behind by bug limbs. Rico gets her aboard an escape ship, but she dies in his arms moments later.

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