Dejaren (portrayed by Leland Orser) was a holographic entity that appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Revulsions". A janitorial/maintenance unit established aboard a Serosian ship, his artificial intelligence exceeded the parameters he was created for. He was poorly treated by his crew and spent most of his time isolated to a compartment of the small vessel. His obsession with cleanliness coupled with his disdain for his crew caused his program to destabilize and he developed an insane hatred towards all organics, leading to him murdering his crew.

Shortly after killing the organic crew of his vessel, Dejaren sent out a distress signal that was answered by the USS Voyager. The Doctor and B'Elanna Torres took a shuttlecraft and met with Dejaren aboard his vessel, offering to repair his isomatrix. While Torres conducted repairs, the Doctor conversed with Dejaren and told him about his own experiences on Voyager and how he used to be confined to sickbay before acquiring his mobile holo-emitter. While they spoke, Dejaren explained his own situation and went on to rant about how much he had come to despise organic life.


B'Elanna accessed the lower decks of Dejaren's ship, even though he had warned her about the lower decks being flooded with antimatter radiation. This turned out to be a lie and B'Elanna discovered that Dejaren had murdered his crew and hid the bodies down there. Outraged at The Doctor's apparent "betrayal", Dejaren attacked them, severely injuring Lt. Torres by reaching into her chest and damaging her heart, and deactivating The Doctor by swinging a piece of debris at The Doctor's mobile emitter and disabling it. Fortunately, Torres managed to destabilize Dejaren's holomatrix by attacking him with an active isomagnetic conduit.

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