Damodar (played by Bruce Payne) is one of the main antagonists of Dungeons & Dragons. Commanding the armies of Lord Profion, he is tasked by his master to seek out the map that will lead to the Rod of Savrille, a magical sceptre that grants its wielder the power to control red dragons. To ensure that Damodar does not fail his task, Profion magically impants a tentacled creature into Damodar's head that will cause him great pain and will kill him if he does not succeed. Throughout the film, Damodar pursues the protagonist Ridley Freeborn and his companions, hoping that they will lead him to the Rod. Ridley does indeed find the Rod, but is forced to relinquish it when Damodar holds his friends hostage.


Damodar delivers the Rod of Savrille to Profion and is rewarded by having the creature in his head removed. Ridley follows Damodar through the magical portal that took him to the Mages' Tower and the two adversaries fight. Though Damodar possesses great strength, Ridley wields an enchanted elven sword and is swift on his feet, but also possesses a thief's cunning. He manages to evade Damodar's attacks and stabs the villain in the back, then pushes him over the balcony and off the tower.

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