Clive Finch
Clive Finch was character who appeared in the Doctor Who episode "Rose". A human from Earth in 2005, Clive was a family man living in London who spent his free time indulging in conspiracy theories and stories regarding aliens and paranormal events. He was portrayed by Mark Benton.


After her first encounter with The Doctor, Rose Tyler investigates online to find out who he really is. Her search leads her to Clive, who has been researching the Doctor's exploits and has made his own website centred around this mysterious figure. Rose meets Clive in person and he shows her multiple drawings and photographs of the man she has met, as well as various documents describing his appearances throughout history. He mentions that many conspiracy theorists suggest that "Doctor" is a title that is handed down from father to son throughout the ages, but Clive's own theory is much closer to the truth: Clive thinks that the Doctor is an immortal alien.


In the evening, hours after meeting with Rose, Clive joins his family for some late shopping in London. At this time, the Nestene Consciousness transmits its psionic signal across the city, taking control of every shop window mannequin across town and turning them into Autons. One Auton breaks out of a window and stops Clive in the street. Its hand pops open and reveals a gun barrel and Clive stares with cold submissiveness, knowing he is about to die. The Auton then fires and Clive's wife and son flee in terror.

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