Chuckie Sol
Chuckie Sol was a minor character in the animated feature Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm. The character was voiced by Dick Miller and was the first to die in the film.

Chuckie Sol was once a member of the Valestra crime family, one of the most powerful criminal gangs in Gotham City. Years before Bruce Wayne took up the mantle of Batman, Sol and his fellow gangsters were pressuring financial planner Carl Beaumont to pay back a large debt that he owed to them. Carl and his daughter Andrea had fled America and gone into hiding even after paying back the debt, suspecting that the mob would still come after them, which they did. Carl was murdered and Andrea since dedicated her life to taking revenge against her father's killers.


At the start of the film, Chuckie Sol - now running a casino and money laundering ring - is having a meeting with his underlings when Batman abruptly crashes the meeting. Sol flees as Batman pummels his goons, but as he heads for his car, he is attacked by a mysterious hooded figure: the Phantasm. The Phantasm attempts to kill Sol but the gangster flees to his car and attempts to run his would-be assassin down. The Phantasm leaps over the oncoming car, leaving a cloud of chemical smoke that obscures Sol's vision. Too late does he see the edge of the parking lot floor and drives through the barrier, over the street and crashes into the adjacent building.

Numerous people witnessed Sol's death and also spotted Batman at the scene, leading many to assume that he was responsible for Chuckie's murder.

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