Charra is a minor character in The Matrix Revolutions. A citizen of the human city of Zion, she volunteers to aid the city's defence as a rocket trooper. She is portrayed by Rachel Blackman.


During the Battle of Zion, Charra does her part by using a rocket launcher to try and destroy the mighty Digger machines boring into the lower levels of the dock. After the first Digger is disabled, she and Zee find a higher vantage point from which to fire on the second. Zee supports Charra while she takes aim at the cylindrical engine core on the Digger's top half, but her efforts are futile as two Sentinels fly into the path of her last rockets. Other Sentinels take notice and attack, so Charra and Zee attempt to escape by crawling through a narrow passage between some large pipes. Zee manages to get away, but Charra is impaled by Sentinel tentacles and killed.

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