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Carla Jaeger is the wife of Grisha and mother of Eren Jaeger, as well as foster mother to Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan.

Carla is a loving mother to Mikasa and Eren, though is known to become exasperated with Eren's desire to join the Survey Corps and his refusal to listen to whatever he's told. After Eren runs from the house in a temper, she relies on Mikasa to bring him to his senses. But while the children are out, Wall Maria is breached by the Colossal Titan and a massive amount of rubble destroys the Jaegers' house while Carla is still inside. As the Titans begin to swarm the town, Eren and Mikasa try to free Carla from the rubble, ignoring her orders for them to run. Even if Carla could be freed from the rubble, her legs have been crushed, so she can't run.

Hannes of the Garrison arrives and vows to save the entire family from the closest advancing Titan, ignoring Carla's request to save just the kids, but loses his nerve at the sight of the Smiling Titan. As Hannes flees with Eren and Mikasa, Carla screams for the children to live on, before quietly breaking down in tears, not wanting the children to leave her. At that moment, the Smiling Titan arrives, sweeps aside the rubble of the Jaegers' house and lifts Carla out. Carla resists, hitting the Titan repeatedly, but Eren is forced to watch from a distance as the Titan breaks his mother's spine and gleefully devours her. His mother's brutal death haunts and enrages Eren further, giving him a cast-iron reason to kill every Titan on the planet....

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