This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in Batman Begins, the first film in The Dark Knight Trilogy.
  • Bruce ignites a supply of gunpowder in Ra's al Ghul's temple which leads to the building being destroyed. An unknown number of ninjas are killed in the explosion.
  • The League of Shadows steal a prototype microwave emitter from a Wayne Enterprises cargo freighter, killing the entire crew in the process.
  • Carl Finch - A counselor in the DA's office, portrayed by Larry Holden. While investigating a suspicious crate at the Gotham Docks, he is shot in the back by Ra's al Ghul's henchmen.
  • When Scarecrow's toxin is released into the Narrows, mass panic ensues. People are seen being attacked by the escaped inmates from Arkham Asylum and one of them appears to be a cannibal as he is seen attempting to eat someone's face.
  • It is unknown how many people die in the Narrows. When Rachel Dawes finds herself surrounded by Arkham escapees, she takes a gun off a dead cop.

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