Bartley Asprius is a general of the Holy Britannian Empire who appears in both seasons of Code Geass. He is a military scientist who commands the Code R Research Team.

Japanese Voice: Katsuhisa Hoki

English Voice: Peter Spellos


Bartley is a Britannian general and aristocrat who is utterly dedicated to the Imperial family. He agrees with the Britannian policy of prejudice towards the empire's conquered Number citizens.

Early in the series, Bartley served under Viceroy Clovis la Britannia and headed the Code-R research team. He was held accountable for the escape of C.C and imprisoned, but would later be released by second prince Schneizel and sent to Kamine Island to analyze the ancient Geass Order relic known as a Thought Elevator. Around this time, Bartley would also be put to work overseeing the cybernetic modifications to Jeremiah Gottwald.

In the second season, Bartley appears within a Geass Order research facility assisting with Emperor Charles' research into the Sword of Akasha. He is not happy with this position and fears that the emperor's plan could result in the destruction of the world if followed through.


In the episode "Geass Hunt", the Black Knights attack the Geass Order's stronghold and begin slaughtering everyone within. Bartley is among the casualties, gunned down by Knightmares.

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