Ayel (portrayed by Clifton Collins Jr.) is a minor character in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek film. A former Romulan miner, he served as first officer of the Narada under Nero. After the destruction of Romulus, the vengeful Nero sought to alter the past by killing the young Spock and destroying Vulcan. Ayel loyally followed Nero in this endeavour.


During the Narada's attack on Earth, the ship was boarded by James T. Kirk and Spock. Ayel took down Kirk with a surprise attack, allowing Nero to assault and nearly kill Kirk. Upon hearing the news that Spock's ship had been taken and the Narada's drilling rig had been destroyed, Nero left Kirk to Ayel. While grabbing Kirk by the neck, Ayel remarked that he was surprised at how weak humans were. Unfortunately for him, he was too busy gloating to notice that his "victim" had been able to grab hold of his disruptor; when he offered Kirk his last words, Kirk chose "I got your gun!" and promptly shot him. Ayel's body fell from the platform he was standing on and dropped into the depths of the Narada.