Augris (portrayed by Alan Scarfe) was the Third Magistrate of the Mokra Order, a militaristic, oppressive society encountered by the USS Voyager in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Resistance". He presided over the Alsurian homeworld and was responsible for imprisoning Tuvok and B'Elanna Torres when Voyager arrived at the planet in search of much-needed supplies. He suspected the two aliens of being affiliated with the Alsurian resistance movement and sought to capture Captain Janeway, who had been taken in by an old man called Caylem, whose wife was supposedly being held prisoner.

Chakotay contacted Augris, and explained that his crewmates were not members of the resistance, but were seeking to buy tellerium. The Mokra magistrate refused to provide information on the missing crewmembers, and pretended that he was unaware of their whereabouts. Augris ordered Voyager not to make a rescue attempt and when they did, he ordered the ship fired upon. Janeway and Caylem were able to rescue Torres and Tuvok from the prison, but ran into Augris. Augris revealed to Caylem that his wife and daughter were dead. He was fatally stabbed by Caylem.

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