Arthur Coleman Winters was President of the United States of America circa 2008 in the Doctor Who episode "The Sound of Drums". He was portrayed by Colin Stinton.


President Winters was a cynical, narcissistic and overall arrogant man. When "Harold Saxon" revealed the existence of the Toclafane to the world, Winters stepped in as the United Nations' official representative of Earth to the Toclafane. He viewed Saxon as an "ass" and looked down on the British people for electing him as their leader. When the time came for the official first contact ceremony aboard the UNIT aircraft carrier Valiant, Winters had taken charge of everything, or so he believed.


When the Toclafane appeared aboard the Valiant, Winters introduced himself as the duly-appointed ambassador of Earth. The Toclafane, however, were already in league with Harold Saxon who then revealed himself as the Master. The Master ordered the Toclafane to kill Winters and one of the spheres fired a laser blast that disintegrated the president.

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