Arnie Blondestone is a character from the 2012 comedy-horror film John Dies At The End. He is a journalist who investigates instances of paranormal activity and meets with David Wong to hear his story regarding the events described in the film. He is portrayed by Paul Giamatti.

Arnie and David meet in a Chinese restaurant to discuss the supernatural events and encounters that David has experienced. David explains that he has extrasensory powers as a result of taking a drug known as "soy sauce" and Arnie is initially sceptic, but later David shows the journalist a seemingly empty cage in the back of his Humvee. David tells Arnie to look into the cage out of the corner of his eye, on the edge of his perception, and that's when Arnie sees a hideous spider-like creature inside the cage.

His eyes opened, Arnie listens to the rest of David's story with renewed interest. However, near the end of the film when David has finished recounting his story, Arnie goes on to tell David how he came to understand the game of journalism, recounting a time he had been beaten down by a cop who called him a "nigger". David is confused by this since Arnie is clearly not black-skinned, but then realises that Arnie is actually already dead. When David first spoke to Arnie over the phone, he imagined what Arnie might look like by the sound of his voice, imagining him to be a middle-aged Caucasian man. However, David looks into the back of Arnie's car and find the body and severed head of an African-American man, presumably the real Arnie. He explains to the ghost Arnie that he is experiencing some manner of "half-life" on the physical plane that David had brought into being with his extrasensory ability and that Arnie was likely murdered by people who wanted to prevent David's story from being told to the world. Arnie's ghost refuses to accept that he is a manifestation of David's mind, but as he rants he suddenly pops out of existence before David's eyes.

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