The Anne Droid is a robot that appears in the Doctor Who episodes "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways". In the year 200,100, the orbital satellite called the Game Station hosts several lethal versions of 20th and 21st century game shows. The Anne Droid hosts The Weakest Link quiz show and expells losers from the game by seemingly vaporising them with an energy beam fired from her mouth. The Anne Droid is a mechanical mockery of Anne Robinson who hosted the original Weakest Link and was well known for her dry wit and snide comments and insults. The real Anne Robinson also provided the voice for the Anne Droid character.


In the episode "Bad Wolf", the Doctor's companion Rose Tyler awakens on the set of The Weakest Link and is shocked to find a robotic version of Anne Robinson hosting the show. Despite not having applied for a place on the show and having been abducted from the TARDIS by a transmat beam, Rose decides she's going to play to win. After the first round, she is horrified to learn that losing players are killed on the spot.

Rose survives up until the final round thanks to fellow competitor Rodrick who has been tactically voting off the other players since Rose doesn't know any trivia of the time period she's found herself in, meaning that Rodrick will have an easy win for the final head-to-head round. As Rodrick had planned, he wins thanks to Rose's lack of 2002nd century knowledge, meaning that Rose is doomed to die. Just as the Doctor and Jack Harkness burst into the studio, Rose makes a run for it, only for the Anne Droid to fire her disintegrator beam and vaporise Rose. Luckily, the Doctor and Jack later find out that contenders don't get disintegrated but rather they get teleported across space. However, Rose finds that she has been teleported onto the flagship of a Dalek war fleet.


In "The Parting of the Ways", the Daleks advance their stratagem and begin their invasion of Earth, deploying forces to attack the Game Station also. The remaining station staff reprogram the Anne Droid to defend Floor 495 and it succeeds in blasting three Daleks. However, another Dalek squad enters seconds later and destroys the robot by shooting off her head.

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