Angie is the lover and follower of the drug lord Cain in Robocop 2. She is portrayed by Galyn Görg.

Angie, like most of Cain's followers, is addicted to the narcotic Nuke. She loves Cain and worships the ground he walks on, and doesn't take his loss well following the drug lord's apprehension. She despises Hob for taking over the Nuke cult without trying to save Cain, but her addiction to Nuke keeps her loyal to the boy.

When Cain is ressurrected as Robocop 2 and disrupts a deal between Hob and Mayor Kuzak, he shows his face (on a digital monitor) to Angie, who is overjoyed to see him again despite being in a robot body. Cain, however, is under orders from OCP to destroy his old gang and will be rewarded with Nuke for accomplishing his task, so he grabs Angie's head with a clawed appendage and snaps her neck.

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